Judith Beadle - Code & Design

I create Websites, Illustrations & Animations for you.


Clients / agencies

Since graduating in 2006 from Camberwell College of Arts, I have worked for a number of agencies including Carter Wong Design in London and kmf and cosmoblonde in Berlin on projects for clients such as Vattenfall, Die Deutsche Forstwirtschaft, eBay, Camden Lock and many more. I have also worked directly with smaller clients, including a cover band, a jazz musician, a football magazine and a retro ice-cream vendor, creating a wide range of digital and print work from logo design and CD cover artwork to audio focused websites.


Skills / tools

My skillset covers screen design, time-line and AS animation and front-end web development as well as Wordpress theme development. I take care to design websites to be future and user friendly, as well as good looking. My tools include the Adobe Creative Suite with the main programs, such as Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash & Indesign. I work with Sublime Text 2 when I code and pen and paper for the idea finding process. I can also storyboard, develop concepts and plan projects. I make sure I understand what the client wants.


Judith Beadle

I’m practical first and creative second. I liked math at school. I thrive as the touching point between the different teams in agencies. I like learning something new every day and enjoy being challenged. I often find solutions by not looking at the problem. I get excited about ideas. I love gardening and spending weekends out and about with my husband and my two little daughters. I eat spicy pizza and dance to indie rock. When I get some ‘me time’, I run through Berlin in preparation for the Berlin Marathon. I absolutely never get bored.

Temporary Website - portfolio coming soon.