With Experience

Skills & Tools

I use a wide range of tools and techniques: pen and paper for the idea finding process, the Adobe Creative Suite for UX, design and animation (XD, PS, AI, AE) and Sublime Text 3 as my editor of choice for writing elegant SASS / PostCSS, HTML, PHP and JS. I create website themes and plugins for WordPress with the Gutenberg editor, animate SVGs and create interactive graphics. My skillset is constantly growing as I don’t shy away from new challenges and dedicate regular learning time to keep up with technical advances and current trends.

Clients & Agencies

Since graduating from Camberwell College of Arts with a BA in Graphic Design and Animation in 2006 I have gained experience working with clients and agencies in London and Berlin. From retro ice cream vendor to international power supplier I had the privilege to work for an exciting mix of clients and on a colourful range of projects.
Currently I am supporting the agency cosmoblonde as well as working with my own clients.

Want to know more? Here’s my detailed CV.

Me Personal

Judith Beadle

I’m analytical and creative. I liked math at school. I enjoy making things that are both beautiful and useful. I’m a keen learner and explorer and love mental challenges. I recharge in the wonderful green spaces of Berlin, either running, gardening or with a sketch book in hand. I love spicy food, indie rock and reading to my kids. I absolutely never get bored.